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As you probably already knew, we make a LOT of soap around here. We also like to experiment and try new things out. For years we have just kept these as our own personal soap, but there's too much for us to ever be able to use. I decided to share some at a value to you!

All soap is our proprietary formula of saponified Olive, Coconut, Shea, Castor and Lanolin (unless otherwise noted) and is 100% first quality and tested for safety.

These bars may have:
New fragrance blends
New colorways
New exfoliants
New botanicals

This listing is for one 4.00 ounce (approximate) bar of soap. Given the handmade nature of this product, every bar is unique and may never be repeated. Bars will be wrapped in compostable plastic and unlabeled.

For maximum life: Please store this soap in a well draining soap dish.

Add on one of my aromatic cedar soap decks and the deck ships for FREE!!

Minimal, Eco-friendly, recyclable packaging.

**Note on International shipping - USPS recently changed their international shipping policies, causing me to raise our shipping prices significantly. If you would like to take full advantage of the rates, 2-6 bars of soap will ship for the same price and I will refund any shipping overage over $1.00, after I ship your package**

  • Tomato Vine with pumice and charcoal (color grey)
    2 in stock
  • Refresh with pumice and charcoal (color grey)
    1 in stock
  • Spruce/Cedar/Peppermint sock soap
    7 in stock
Image of LAST OF THE SUMMER! Summertime
Image of 5th & 57th
Coming soon
5th & 57th
Image of Autumn Berry
Autumn Berry
Image of Chai Spice
Chai Spice
Image of Lavender
Image of Night Sky
Night Sky
Image of Plum & Amber
Plum & Amber
Image of Royal Apiary
Royal Apiary
Image of Russian Flower
Russian Flower
Image of Sage & Blackberry
Sold out
Sage & Blackberry
Image of Sugar Skull
Sugar Skull
Image of Unfragranced
Image of Vetiver & Cedarwood
Vetiver & Cedarwood
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