How to use sock soap

Sock Soap can be used on all of your woolens and natural fibers, not only socks!

Place the items you'd like to wash in a bowl, sink or washtub.

Fill the vessel with cool water and submerge your items until they become fully saturated.

Lather Tuft Woolens Sock Soap in your hands to disperse the soap throughout the water.   Alternatively, you can let the water run over the bar as you're filling your bowl or tub.  

Let your woolens enjoy a nice soak, about 10-20 minutes.  Think of it as a spa day for your woolens!  Rinse (if desired), taking care not to agitate your items too much.

Drain the water and block your items as desired. Enjoy your freshly washed and delicately scented woolens!

You may also use this method on large tubs of items!  I love Tubtrugs flexible tubs for large loads.