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Hard Workin’ Hand Soap has plenty of pumice for monstrous scrubbing power, while its lanolin and other oils help minimize the dryness caused by frequent washing. This soap has been specially formulated to be long lasting and to withstand the consecutive washings we all need!

Fragrance: Available in The Mothman, The Kraken and Yeti.
Additives: Lanolin
Exfoliation: Pumice and Charcoal powder
Other Ingredients: Saponified oils of Coconut, Shea, Castor and Olive.

Each bar is lightly scented with one of three unisex fragrances: The Mothman (Appalachian Woodsy), Yeti (Icy Mint) and The Kraken (Watery and Fresh).

This listing is for one 4.00 - 4.5 ounce (approximate) bar of soap. Given the handmade nature of this product, every bar is unique. The pictures are representative of the product you will receive. Accessories shown for scale and are not included.

For maximum life: Please store this soap in a well draining soap dish.

Add on one of my aromatic cedar soap decks and the deck ships for FREE!!

Minimal, Eco-friendly, recyclable packaging.

Original “Cryptid” artwork by Kaity Arango

**Note on International shipping - USPS recently changed their international shipping policies, causing me to raise our shipping prices significantly. If you would like to take full advantage of the rates, 2-6 bars of soap will ship for the same price and I will refund any shipping overage over $1.00, after I ship your package**

  • The Mothman (Appalachian Woodsy)
    18 in stock
  • The Kraken (Watery and Fresh)
    9 in stock
  • Yeti (Icy Mint)
    8 in stock
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