Natural Sea Sponge


  • Image of Natural Sea Sponge
  • Image of Natural Sea Sponge

Dimensions: 3" x 4"
Material: Natural Sponge
Finish: None (natural)

These sea sponges are all natural 3" to 4" sponges, perfect for light exfoliation of your face or body. They are sourced directly from the sea making them a perfect match to our natural soaps. I love to use them with one of our mild soaps, such as Lavender or Refresh as a nice exfoliating facial wash.

Sea Sponges are an eco-friendly, renewable natural resource.
After harvesting, the sponge re-grows back to its original form within 3-5 years. Also, sea sponges possess remarkable powers of regeneration. Tiny bits of sea sponge scattered by ocean currents have the ability to settle in a new location and re-grow into a clone!

These natural sponges will arrive feeling very stiff, but they soften up beautifully as soon as you get them wet.

Natural sea sponges are wrapped in eco-friendly, compostable bioplastic. Sponges ship free with any other item!

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